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What  light we had today. This time of year you get about 6 hours of what we in the USA call the “Golden Hour”…. soft, beautiful light. You have to see it to really appreciate it. Click on THIS LINK to view some new images from today!… Thank you —JG


(ABOVE)—Here’s  the gang–TOP ROW—LEFT to RIGHT-Paul Cantwell, Larchmont, NY… Orvar Thorgeirsson’…..Ron Larson, Sacramento, CA…………co-leader—Greg Duncan

BOTTOM ROW –LEFT TO RIGHT–Mary Bates, Seattle WA; ………Ted Thelin…Florida & Mass……………………………………Sherrie Ahull, Santa Monica, CA…..Jack Graham, Graham WA

This is sunrise… the beach near Vik




We travelled today from Reykjavik to VIk on Iceland’s south coast. It was cold and windy to start but ended up quite nice. The snow is amazing. We visited 2 waterfalls and and had some great light as the day ended on the coast.. We are staying tonight in VIk and will be heading out in about 1/2 hr. to look for the aurora…. Below are just a few images from today,,,, check back often for updates and images…..JG

Skogar Falls—we even had a pretty good rainbow when the mist was brought into the sun.

_JGP0604-Edit-2-Edit……. below –a  25 second exposure_JGP0614-Edit-Edit

In the way to Vik, Church in a small Icelandic village


Late afternoon and evening on the ocean, close to Vik




WE”RE OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK BACK OFTEN!

Greg is already in Iceland and I’ll be flying out on Tuesday afternoon ( 1/13)….

so please check back for images from our two – 5 day Ultimate Iceland Adventures

Jan 16-20  & 21-26







NEWS:  We’ll be heading to Lofoten Norway at the end of the month to organize some possible trip(s) in 2016!!!..




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ULTIMATE ICELAND / SUMMER 2015 / Two workshops, July 2015

Consider joining us for our annual “ULTIMATE ICELAND™” photography Workshops in July 2015.

Iceland is like nowhere else … a place of contrasts and a photographer’s paradise.

_DSC8428 Panorama-Edit-3-2_1a2015 ICELAND REG_DEP FORMS


Once again we will be venturing out to Iceland in 2015. This year we are offering 2 distinctly different experiences. Our first workshop begins in Reykjavik on July 8, 2015. For 10 days we’ll travel from the southwestern part of Iceland to the East-Central coast. The second workshop starts on July 19 and finishes up on July 27. This workshop is in the north and northwestern part of Iceland

Iceland is known for being a photographer’s paradise, mostly because of the great variety in landscape along with exceptional light. These workshops are based solely on photography. Sunset is around 11:45pm and sunrise is at 3:30am. It really never gets dark! We will be out in the great light and sleep,eat and travel when the light is not the best. Be prepared for some long but rewarding days.

These trips are for photographers, not the casual tourist! The main focus of the workshop will be landscape photography where we will be following the light, so be prepared for long nights chasing sunset and sunrise at the same time. The nights are bright and the sun never fully sets.

During this workshop we will explore and photograph the southern highland and the south coast all the way to the south east area of Iceland. On our journey you will experience rough yet beautiful coastlines, Europe´s largest glacier, world famous glacier lagoons with floating majestic icebergs, epic and iconic waterfalls in all shapes and sizes, astonishing mountains and mountain peaks, pitch black volcanic beaches with apically shaped sea stacks and last but not least the breathtaking colorful geothermal wonderland of the southern highland. All this in good company!

The Sun Voyager, Reykjavik, Iceland
The Sun Voyager, Reykjavik, Iceland

July 8: Arrival
You will land at Keflavik international airport be transported to your hotel in Reykjavik where you can relax before the exciting upcoming tour. We’ll spend the day and evening photographing the beautiful city. Accommodation: Reykjavik

_DSC8418-1787-1788-1789  LA_I_LANDMANN4_120727_9126
July 9 and 10: Landmannalaugar
We will leave Reykjavik early in the morning and head to the highlands and Landmannalaugar. This is one of the most breathtaking areas of Iceland. The day will be adventurous since we need to cross a few rivers to arrive at our destination. Landmannalaugar area is based close to the active volcano Hekla also called the gateway to hell. The area is best described as range of multi-colored rhyolite mountains with endless lava fields, geothermal activity and hot steamy earth. Landmannalaugar is without a doubt heaven on earth for landscape photography. We will spend two days here. Accommodation: Highlands’s hotel

July 11: Fjallabaksleið nyrðri
We leave Landmannalaugar and make our way to our guesthouse in Southeast Iceland. We will travel on Fjallabaksleið nyrðri which means Northern road behind the mountains. Among the sights is Eldgjá canyon (fire canyon). Eldgjá is the largest volcanic canyon in the world, 40km long, 270m deep and 600m wide at its greatest. Ófærufoss waterfall is within the canyon, a magnificent waterfall. Accommodation: Kirkjubæjarklaustur


ice on black beach by jack grahamiceland beach by jack graham

July 12,13 & 14: Vatnajökull National Park
We now travel towards the Vatnajokull National Park, the remote eastern landscape of Iceland and Jokulsarslon, a glacier lagoon full of icebergs. We arrive to the wild east where icebergs float out to the sea from Vatnajokull glacier and return to the black sand beach with the tide. The glacial lagoon where they float before being taken out by the river changes every day, as the icebergs shift, melt, and drift away. The blue ice and dark lake underneath the glacier provide some of the most spectacular landscape you’ll ever see, not just in Iceland, but anywhere in the world. We will be as flexible as possible and plan our destinations according to the weather. We will also explore nearby glaciers in Skaftafell, Iceland’ s 2nd largest National Park with endless photographic opportunities. Accommodation: Near Glacier LagoonLA_I_GLAC1_120723_8732-31  LA_I_GLAC5_120722_8568

July 15: Vik
Today we will be heading back south west. The south coast is known for its fascinating black sandy beaches, dramatic columnar basalt rock formations as for example the Reynisdrangar stacks, the spectacular Dyrholaey cape and iconic and epic waterfalls. In summer time the colors and contrast are vibrant and dominant wherever you go …Accommodation: Vik

_DSF4592-Editaa-Edit     _DSC3617-Edit-Edit-Edit

July 16: Vik to Reykjavik
From Vik, we make our way back to Reykjavik, stopping along the way to shoot more landscapes and waterfalls. We will visit the famous waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skogarfoss ….Accommodation: Reykjavik

_DSC3500-1162-1163-1164-1165iceland waterfall

July 17: Departure
After breakfast at your hotel you will have the morning to explore and shop in Reykjavik. We’ll be departing in the early afternoon for Keflavik International airport with fully loaded memory cards and bunch of great happy memories.


You will land at Keflavik international airport and be transported to your hotel in Reykjavik where you can relax before the exciting upcoming tour. We’ll spend the day and evening photographing the beautiful city. Accommodation: Reykjavik

iceland rocky beach by greg duncan

July20: Snæfellsnes peninsula

We will depart our hotel in Reykjavik early in the day and start our journey by travelling directly to the southern part of Snæfellsnes where you will experience the rugged coastline of the peninsula, columnar basalt and epic cliffs at Arnarstapi, the windswept area of Budir with its beautiful pitch black church. We will also photograph some of the beautiful lighthouses that dot the coastline. Also you will be mesmerized by the uniquely formed basalt volcanic dikes Londrangar begging to be photographed. With any luck the arctic terns will be nesting. Photographing the beautiful Icelandic horses is common in this area as well. This area offers many unique photographic opportunities. Accommodation: Snæfellsnes

LA_I_CHURCH11_120729_9565-7  LA_I_LH4_120729_9553-44Icelandic HorsesLA_I_LH1C_120719_8252-6

July 21: Snæfellsnes peninsula
The coastline of Snæfellsnes is dotted with small villages within a short distance from each other. The north and south coasts are divided from another by spiky mountains including the mystique Snæfellsjökull glacier. Today we will continue our journey on Snæfellsnes taking in the many breathtaking wonders to photograph and explore. The locations we couldn´t cover from the prior day will be visited, while travelling to the north part of the peninsula as well. One of the highlights of the northern part will be the mountain Kirkjufell with its dramatic formations and unique shape. Mt. Kirkjufell is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in the country and is without a doubt very picturesque with Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall in the forground and Grundarfjordur bay in the background. Accommodation: Snæfellsnes


July 22: North Iceland and Hvitserkur
We will head to the north of Iceland today to the wild Vatnsnes peninsula known for its superb views to the Strandir coast in the West Fjords. The peninsula is also known for its flocks of geese and seal breeding ground. We will also photograph on 15 meter high, Hvitserkur, a rock formation looking like a huge rugged troll. Accommodation: Osar on the Vatnsnes peninsula

July 23: Lake Myvatn
We will travel further north because diverse and epic experiences are waiting for us. Be prepared! This area is stuffed with some of the most amazing wonders of Iceland. We will experience extreme contrast and textures with craters and geothermal activity as the Myvatn basin sits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Namaskard is one of those hot areas covered with a myriad of colourful hot springs and mud pools. Accommodation: Myvatn area

Lake Reflection Panorama   LA_I_LA10_120729_PAN-46_DSF5566-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit_DSF5332_HDR_3-Edit-Edit

July 24: Lake Myvatn area
We will continue our journey in the district of Lake Myvatn. We will be photographing the waterfall of the Gods, or Godafoss, which is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. Also we will drive up to the Sprengisandur highland route where the hidden gem Aldeyjarfoss drops in all its beauty, framed with natural basalt columns.
Accommodation: Myvatn area

July25 Detifoss and Namaskard
Today we will visit the National Park Jokulsargljufur where the powerful Dettifoss is located, with the greatest volume of any waterfall in Europe. Its neighbour Selfoss waterfall is also quite epic there. We will explore and photograph the colorful geothermal area by Namaskard mountain, an area that is alternatively known as Hverarond or Hverir. There you can photograph the many solfataras and boiling mud pots, which are themselves surrounded by sulfur crystals. As the area gives off a lot of hot steam, caution is advised. Afterwards if you wish you will get to climb Hverfell, one of the world‘s largest explosion craters, and have a great view of the wild snow-clad landscape. Altogether, this is a perfect day to explore and photograph stunning evidence of earth‘s inner powers. Accommodation: Myvatn area

July 26 Back to Reykjavik
While returning back to Reykjavik, we will have further opportunities for photographing Godafoss and other locations, concluding our adventure with a shared dinner with our traveling companions.
Accommodation: Reykjavik

July 27 Departure
After breakfast at your hotel you will have the morning to explore and shop in Reykjavik. We’ll be departing in the early afternoon for Keflavik International airport with fully loaded memory cards and bunch of great happy memories.

Ultimate Iceland™ Photo chosen in NANPA Showcase Competition

Greg Duncan’s Iceland Ice Cave image also picked for the cover of 2014 Expressions Magazine

Iceland Ice Cave by Greg Duncan
Photo Equipment/Specs: Canon 5D Mark II mounted on a Gitzo carbon fiber tripod; Really Right Stuff BH-44 ballhead and cable release; 16-35mm L series lens at 16mm, ISO 100, f/18 at 3 sec

Each year the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) holds a contest among their members to choose and showcase the top 250 photographs for their website ( and in their annual Expressions photography publication. The 2014 competition drew nearly 2,400 images with the winners selected by a jury panel of industry professionals.

expressions_cov_sThis year Greg Duncan, associated with the very popular Ultimate Iceland™ Photography Workshops, had his photo recognized as one of NANPA’s top ten best of 2014 and was also chosen to grace the cover of their high-quality print magazine. His image, made from inside an ice cave under the Fallsjökull glacier on the flanks of Mt. Öræfajökull volcano in Iceland, shows mountain guide, Einar Rúnar Sigurðsson, in the entrance scouting for dangerous ice formations.

Greg frequently travels to Iceland with professional photographer Jack Graham (, where he assists with Jack’s Ultimate Iceland™ photography workshops in and around the southern Iceland coast. Greg originally attended one of the Jack’s photography workshops in the Eastern Sierra, then another … and another. For over 10 years, Greg has been Jack’s right hand man, a valued photography partner and workshop assistant.

Greg-DuncanGreg’s passion for photography started at a young age and has now, he admits, “grown to an obsession.” Even when at home and busy with his commercial landscape business in Southern California he says, “I’m always chasing the light.”

See more of Greg’s photos at and


JUNE 20, 2013

We are less than two weeks before beginning our2013 July Icelandic Adventure.

For those who are coming with us…. click this link:


for the itinerary and some important information that will make your photographic experience in Iceland that much better.

For others, enjoy the articles, images . You just might like to come along in 2014!!!!