Eastern Greenland — Boating Through the Fjord & Glacier


Walking on a frozen bay


Watching the storm roll in. Iceland beach near Vik


Close-up and personal at the edge of a glacier


Watching an immense glacier and it’s calved icebergs


On the beach, near Vik.


A “tall” waterfall in Iceland


This is what it looks like inside an ice cave

What’s it like standing on a glacier in Iceland?

These guys don’t mind the wind.  Wild Icelandic horses:

Here’s a video shot of one of the many awesome waterfalls in Iceland.  Listen to the roar of the water!

Below is a high-speed video of the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the “Northern Lights”.  Amazing!

Below is a video made in January 2013 of our workshop group hiking into an ice cave on the south coast of Iceland.

Greg Duncan has put together a short show of some of his images made during the summer months in Iceland. Sit back… turn your speakers up and enjoy!


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Photography Workshops in Iceland, Greenland & Norway with Jack Graham & Örvar Thorgeirsson

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